Our  approach to training stems through the believe that educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at allSee how we can help you or your company!

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Safe Management Measures

The Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore has presented a global health crisis that compels us as a community to band together and do our part to fight the virus as one people. At All Hearts, things are no different. With each of our trainings and initiatives, rest assured that all necessary precautions are implemented to enable teaching and learning to continue. We commit to upholding good sanitation and hygiene practices while delivering safe, memorable and impactful experiences. 

Professional Courses (with WSQ Certificates)


Learners will be guided to see things through different lenses to fully understand the needs, expectations, and requirements from different stakeholders namely, the organisation, fellow employees and the customers.

Enhancing Team Relationships

Our Best Selling Course for Teams

Duration: 16 hrs
Starts from $100 onwards

Delivering Service Excellence

Highly Sought After by CSOs

Duration: 16 hrs
Starts from $38 onwards

Analysing Customer Behaviour

Understand Yourself to Know Them

Duration: 13 hrs
Starts from $35 onwards.

Why Choose Us?

SSG Approved Training Provider

Singaporeans, PRs and SMEs can tap on available grants for certifiable WSQ courses.

Effective Trainings underpinned by Experiential Learning Cycle

An engaging learner-centered approach which empowers you to take charge of your own learning and development.

Affordable & High-Quality Trainings

We believe that learning should be inexpensive and accessible to help everyone attain demonstrable mastery of the knowledge and skills they need for both personal and professional success.

Customised Training

Do you have specific training outcomes you would like to achieve?

In our work with organisations to develop capabilities amongst their members (professionals or school students), All Hearts take a consultative approach to understand their needs. We believe that there are no off the shelf problems, hence there are no off the shelf programmes! Rest assured that no two training solutions are the same. Here are three main categories of customised trainings that we offer:

Leaders in Action

Teams in Action

Values in Action

What We Have Achieved So Far

Trainings Completed
Youth Participants
Adult Participants
years in Service
Social Initiative

To promote an Inclusive Society

and Low Barrier Entry for PWSNs to be employed in Singapore

To shift perspectives

of the capabilities of PWSNs to a CAN-DO and Positive one

To improve quality of life

for PWSNs through various upskilling workshops and recreational activities.

All Hearts Podcast Channel

UskWHY Podcast

As many would say, “life is a question mark”. Come join us as we journey to put perspectives into the WHYs of life and our quest for a meaningful, heartfelt, and content time on earth. So, take a break, grab a coffee, and ask. Ask WHY?