About Us


All Hearts Adventure and Training is a company which believes that Character and Values pave the way for learners. Through strong values and character education, all things will fall into place as the learners grow and experience different forms of challenges.

We provide a unique experience for all our clients as all programmes and training requirements are customised to the needs of the targeted audience. As a service provider of education, we strive to meet objectives, solve problems and create a better learning environment for our clients. We hold on strongly to the 3 belief statements of the company:

- What is essential to the heart, is invisible to eye.
- The heart of education is the education of the heart.
- The core of a character is formed by his values.

Our Training Methodology


All Hearts Adventure And Training strives to create a participant-centric learning environment in all our programmes. Through learning the trends of training needs of our participants over the years, we have noticed that their learning skills and abilities varies from time to time. As such, all our training programmes will be adopting our signature Trans-Effective Training Cycle which engages participants via different forms of challenges.

Our Core Team



Founder, Chief of Training & Development

Head of Leaders-in-Action!

Alvin founded and set up the company not just for him but also for those who wants to get a chance to give back to society through mentoring others, especially the ones whom will become our future generations. Having been in the industry for over 13 years, Alvin has engaged a variety of participants ranging from young children, youths-at-risk, student leaders to even corporate members. He is consciously looking out for the changing trends of learning styles and needs. Living by the quote, “What is essential to the heart is invisible to the eyes”, he spearheads All Hearts’ training programme development and recommends which frameworks are to be adopted to achieve the intended learning outcomes of the different programmes. Apart from being a Certified Facilitator of The Student Leadership Challenge®, the whole team agrees that he is a leader-in-action himself.

There may be stereotypes about gamers or gaming in general but Alvin is not a closet gamer. Instead, he advocates gaming as a hobby because he believes that it helps to boost one’s motor skills, sharpen one’s decision-making skills and releases stress apart from being fun and engaging.


Chief of Operations

Wyn joined All Hearts in 2012 as an assistance training executive and was trained on both programme mentoring as well as administration matters. In mid 2016, she took a one year leave of absence for a breather and has now returned to oversee all organisational development matters including the facilitation of standard operating procedures and recommending ways to bring All Hearts branding to greater heights. Wyn is also supporting our Chief of Training & Development in areas including talent development and management as well as training methodology by utilising the knowledge she is currently learning while pursuing a degree in Psychology with Business in Singapore University of Social Sciences.

A member of Variasi Performing Arts off work, Wyn loves how involving herself in Malay theater productions raises her awareness of social issues within her community. By putting herself in another person’s shoes and into their mind, she also enjoys temporarily experiencing two lives at once.


Assistant Chief of Operations & Manpower

Hairi is an optimistic, task driven and hardworking individual. He undertakes tasks presented to him with a high degree of initiative and proactiveness. The many years of working as an adventure-learning instructor has helped him to develop good presentation and strong interpersonal skills among peers and clients. By constantly challenging himself, Hairi seeks to improve himself and at the same time consciously create a positive impact for those around him. As our Assistant Chief of Operations and Manpower, Hairi's vast experience in customer service by managing teachers, corporate clients, students and overseas clients assist him greatly in managing people.

On top of all these attributes, Hairi also has a friendly and cheerful disposition. It is not uncommon to see him displaying a good sense of humour and making intelligent and perceptive decisions.



Head of Teams-in-Action!

“No challenge, No Growth” is a statement that Erwin strongly believes in and he has made it his life philosophy to take on every challenge that comes his way head on. His passion in the training industry ignited back in 2010 when he was interning in an outdoor adventure company to complete and attain his Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning from Republic Polytechnic. With his vast background of mentoring youths and corporate staffs for team-based activities, Erwin is currently given the responsibility to manage Teams-in-Action programmes where he strives to let participants learn through experiences instead of only through books. Participants always comment on his easy-going and people-oriented personality which is encouraging in building rapport between them and him.

Albeit having permanent injuries due to a road traffic accident, Erwin enjoys physical activities and strive to maintain his physical fitness by doing activities such as bouldering, cable-skiing as well as taking long walks.


Head of Values-in-Action!

Firdaus is overseeing All Hearts’ Values-in-Action programmes which focus on inculcating the head, hands and heart of service learning. Before working with All Hearts, Firdaus had 10 years of experience working as a lifeguard. However, he would spend his days off from the pool by being involved in outdoor adventure camps conducted locally and overseas. Firdaus was first introduced to community service learning trips aiding orphanages and needy families in Batam and Bintan by our founder, Alvin. Since then, he realized that his passion lies towards mentoring students for service learning trips and decided to jump ship by joining All Hearts full time as his finds the programmes meaningful and satisfying.

A fishing enthusiast by heart, Firdaus goes fishing whenever time allows for it. He enjoys the mental down-time that comes with fishing as it gives him a chance to unplug from the hustle and bustle of daily life and recharge his batteries in a natural way


Programmes Coordinator

Coming from a family that is always involve in charity events during festive seasons, Abby was attracted to one of All Hearts’ overseas values-in-action programme for primary school students where she volunteered to be a part of the team of mentors overseeing the group. Ever since then, she became a regular freelancer with All Hearts and eventually joining on board the team. Her years of experience as a sales executive as well as personal assistant in the import and export industry has also trained her to be well equipped in dealing with all of the coordination of a training programme. A lady with an eye for detail, Abby ensures that both office administration and programme coordination matters are always in place.

Being absorbed into a book is Abby’s most preferred method of finding much needed and valuable rest and relaxation. It is only when she turns into a bookworm when she can shut herself off for a while from this sometimes hectic and chaotic world that we live in.