About Us

Our story began in 2011.

After 7 years of being in the outdoor training industry, our founder realized that his satisfaction and drive stems from having a strong support network of passionate colleagues who strives to challenge themselves in ways they never thought possible and learning to evaluate issues through different lenses.

Alvin Lee, our founder, has a profound love for ALL conversations that delves into the matters of the HEART and what it means to be human in the ever changing world. Hence our name, ALL HEARTS. Our logo is also inspired by his love for adventure – featuring a man scaling a rock, an activity which requires strength, focus and determination.

Everyday we go to work hoping to do two things; Have great conversations with those we meet & make the world a little better.

All Hearts Team

Our Vision

To ignite, forge and create a ‘Heartful’ Society for the generations to come.

Our Mission

To Inspire and Empower the human spirit – one question, one conversation and one heart at a time.

Our Values

Commitment,   Adaptability,   Responsibility & Empowerment.

We do what we love to do, simply because we CARE.

Our Belief Statements


What is Essential to the Heart is Invisible to the Eye.


The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart.


The Core of a Character is Formed by his Values.

Our 5-D TransEffective Training Process

1. Discover

Prior to delving into training and development of our participants, it is critical that we first identify and analyse their training needs. This will help us to address the gaps between the existing training and training which may be required. 

2. Define

The needs analysis will shed light on the following questions: What do they know? What do they not know? What do they need to know?

3. Design

Each and every programme is designed to incorporate different learning styles and content relevant to the participants’ needs analysis. These could include hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects, themes or individual work.

4. Deploy

Cognitive Domain (Head); Think, Understand. In engaging the Head, participants will undergo critical thinking process about issues raised and arrive at a deeper understanding of current challenges they face.

Emotional Domain (Heart); Connect, Belong. In engaging the Heart, we strive to inspire our participants to connect emotionally with their core self and feel belong to their community.

Physical Domain (Hands); Action, Contribute. In engaging the Hands, we empower our participants to put plans into and contribute back to whichever fields of community that they belong to.

5. Deliberate

Learning is and should be a never-ending process. Hence, growth and development should not only occur during the programme and should continue to persist long after. In the final stage of the trans-effective cycle, we strive to equip all our participants with the necessary awareness and reflective capabilities to continue applying the cycle back in their communities and personal life settings.

Quality comes first!

We make sure that every minute detail is looked into while delivering even the simplest training programme. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.