Em’Able Programme is LInc’s core product which main objective is to provide a comprehensive personal development and work integration service. The program comprise of 5 main phases that fully encompass a healthy cycle of learning, working, active review, and growth. Through specially curated courses and training, sourcing of suitable companies, and active liaison and mentoring.

The end result of this program is to equip PWSN with relevant skill sets and a suitable job.  

Foundation Training

1) Foundation Training

(1 – 2 Weeks)

(12 Weeks)

(Ongoing Throughout)

The first part of the programme includes a 3-part Fundamental Development Course focusing on the development of the Cognitive Domain to equip Trainees with basic skills and knowledge to adapt into a working environment. 

2) Practical Training

Next, Trainees’ and Partner Employers’ profiles will be reviewed and matched as accordingly to provide the most suitable practical training, Partner Companies will aid in the provision of training specific skill sets and Trainees gain real on ground experience.

3) Active Coaching

During the whole process, Trainees will have a Job Coach that serves as an active liaison to help better integrate Trainees into working environment. Additionally, the Job Coach will take on the role of a mentor and actively review Trainees development progress, identify gaps, and schedule for relevant training. This ensure that Trainees receive the most suitable guidance throughout the program.

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