Social Enterprise

Dedicated to doing more, All Hearts is also re-orienting itself towards the social enterprise model.  With an ultimate vision of an enabled Singapore in mind, All Hearts aims to provide the People with Special Needs (PWSNs) community with a Social Integration, Educational, Transitional and Workforce Integration platform. This is to work towards outreaching and supporting, equipping of relevant skills as well as providing them gainful employment. A part of the social initiative is also to build capabilities and provide opportunities for PWSNs to embark on their journeys and pay it forward, creating a sustainable cycle for a more inclusive future. 

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Our Social Mission

To Inspire and Empower the Human Spirit; one Question, one Conversation and one Heart at a time.

We aspire to shift society’s perspectives of the capabilities of Persons with Special Needs (PWSNs) to a CAN-DO and Positive one.

To promote an Inclusive Society and Low Barrier Entry for PWSNs to be employed in Singapore.

To empower PWSNs to achieve Independent Living through Gainful Employment.

To improve Quality of Life for PWSNs through various upskilling workshops and recreational activities.


Luminate Inclusivity

Our Initiatives

Providing a common outreach platform for liaising with corporations to allow PWSNs to have a more effective physical transition and integration into the workforce.

Development of Social Emotional Learning competencies to allow the acquisition of skills, knowledge and dispositions that will help PWSNs face future challenges.

Overcome barriers to inclusivity through raising awareness and knowledge on PWSNs through social interactions and commonalities.

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