Hearts Framework

Deriving from the experiential learning model, All Hearts emphasise on creating a centered learning environment for participants through “Hope Setting”. This setting allows us to further understand the dynamics of the participants and create learning opportunities that appeal to them. Revisiting their Hope settings will also allow participants to set a benchmark for their performance.

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“Tell me I will forget, show me I will remember, Let me do it I will understand” explains the usage of experiential learning cycle in all our trainings. Through challenges, participants are given a chance to explore ideas and methods to overcome the hurdles they face. Whether in success or failure, they are able to learn from their experience.

Summing up all the different findings and experiences generate learning outcomes. Through discussions from the team, conclusions and commitments can be made to sum up the learnings for the programme. Equipping participants with learning experiences will allow them to utilise them to tackle hurdles they might face in their endeavours.


All young people need supports and opportunities to make a successful transition to adulthood. We believe that all effective youth programs must have a combination of youth development principles with an emphasis on area of development as well as youth leadership at their core.

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We believe that team-building programmes can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses – but only if the activities are planned and carried out strategically with a real purpose behind the organization’s decision to do so.

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In support of MOE’s move to promote Values in Action (VIA) programmes, our VIA provides learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens and encourage them to take ownership over how they can contribute to the community.

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