Training Consultancy

Want to improve your company’s efficiency? 

Let us show you how a training consultancy can be transformative for your business.

Why Consultancy?

Higher Revenue

According to a SkillsFuture Study, for every 10 per cent of the local workforce that companies supported for training, the company's revenue was about 0.7 per cent higher on average each year for up to three years after training.

Higher Labour Productivity

According to the same SkillsFuture Study previously mentioned, labour productivity was also 2.2 per cent higher on average per year for two years.

Greater Effectiveness

As compared to singular, one-off training programmes, an organisational training consultancy tackles deep-rooted problems and brings about long-term benefits.

What Can We Do For You?

1. Needs Analysis
We will help to identify the key pain points in your business.
2. Presentation of Findings
Our team will condense our analysis into a presentation to make it more digestible.
3. Crafting a Customised Course
This will be personalised and completely suitable for your company's needs.
4. Review
Our team will conduct a comprehensive review in order to track any gaps identified and close them.

A Successful Case Study Of One of Our Clients: TNETS

Curious to find out how the whole structure of a training consultancy looks like?

Read on below to find out how we offered customised and practical solutions and trainings to assist TNETS Global in restructuring their organisation through a Retainership Consultancy.

We started off by communicating and consulting actively with the higher management.

After which, we crafted a customised course personalised to their specific needs in order to identify the main problems on the ground.  

Then, we executed the customised course based on the data collection of our observations. Additionally, we also implemented other tailored services. 

In the process of doing so, we managed to re-frame deep-rooted beliefs and improved the overall structure of the company. Following up on the successful outcome, as a form of review, our team also went the extra mile to deliver presentations to the management. 

In the end, it was very well-received by the company and we successfully managed to resolve the problems they faced.

How much does 12 months cost?

Each training consultancy is specially tailored to suit individual needs.

To find out how much the training consultancy will cost for your business, click the bottom below to chat with our team / find out.


(Disclaimer: Course fees are separate from consultation fees.)

What is included in the package:

– On-site observations

– Formulating a specialised course suitable for your company’s needs 

– Interviews 

– Surveys 

– Needs Analysis 

– Presentation of findings 

Any Questions?

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