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Attain a productive team culture, service excellence and broaden your customer base

Learners will be guided through a uniquely structured hands-on approach to fully understand the needs, expectations, and requirements from different stakeholders namely, the organisation, fellow employees and the customers.

Designed with an experiential approach, this course aims to inculcate the soft skills essential for building healthy and meaningful relationships across teams.

Equip yourself with crucial methods and tools to understand your customers' needs. Learn how to adopt a positive mindset towards customer service, boosting your company's image and improve customer relations.

Learn how to profile customers based on their behaviours, streamline market research and formulate individualised sales strategies that best suit their needs.

This module targets participants who will interact with persons with disabilities in the course of their work or daily activities. They may need to support or care for persons with various types of disabilities. Hence there is a need for them to identify and understand needs and concerns of people with physical, emotional, learning and intellectual disabilities. This course is recommended for service professionals from the following sectors:

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