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Performing Effective Product Demonstration (Level 1)


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Course Objectives

As we observe the reopening of economy across various sectors, there is an increased in demand of being able to demonstrate product accurately to customers. During the past few years of pandemic, consumers have to undertake the active role of seeking for information on their own, often virtually. Now that Singapore enters the new-normal of moving endemic phase, customers has returned to retail stores, requesting for information face to face. Employees are found ill-prepared for such engagements and aren’t always able to satisfy customers’ demand for information to make better decisions for themselves. In addition, there’s an exponential increase in online shopping. With more online purchases made, organisations are required to have delivery personnel who are capable to demonstrate product on delivery.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

LO1: Take precautionary steps during preparation of product demonstration to ensure compliance to Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 
LO2: Determine suitability of the environment to conduct product demonstration
LO3: Prepare required logistics and  documents for product demonstration
LO4: Get product ready for demonstration
LO5: Conduct product demonstration confidently and in accordance to organisation's requirements
LO6: Apply different methods of product demonstration based on requirements
LO7: Effective Communication with customers through using and interpreting verbal and non-verbal communication cues
LO8: Address all customers' requirements using appropriate questioning skills

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