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Want to improve your company’s efficiency? 

Let us show you how a training consultancy can be transformative for your business.

Why have us as your Consultant?

Higher Revenue

According to a SkillsFuture Study, for every 10 per cent of the local workforce that companies supported for training, the company's revenue was about 0.7 per cent higher on average each year for up to three years after training.

Higher Labour Productivity

According to the same SkillsFuture Study previously mentioned, labour productivity was also 2.2 per cent higher on average per year for two years.

Greater Effectiveness

As compared to singular, one-off training programmes, an organisational training consultancy tackles deep-rooted problems and brings about long-term benefits.

Consulting with stakeholders

Stage 1

Customising course in a team

Stage 2

After which, we will craft out a customised course personalised to their specific needs in order to identify the main gaps on the ground.  

Conducting training

Stage 3

Picture of happy employees

Stage 4

In the process of doing so, we will understand better how to re-frame deep-rooted beliefs and improved the overall structure of the company.

Reviewing data and analysis

Stage 5

We start off by communicating and consulting actively with the higher management. In this fact finding mission, we will identify the objectives of the higher management and how we can bridge that gap. 

Then, we execute the customised course based on the data collection of our observations. Additionally, we also implement other tailored services. 

Following up on the successful outcome, as a form of review, our team will deliver presentations to the management to report on the progress and findings.


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