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Hear from us and discover new perspectives on how to best work with and understand your customers, staff and more.

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What does it take to be a Customer Service Professional?

Ever thought that customer service just involves happy smiles and an upbeat attitude? Think again.
In this article, we share about the soft skills necessary to keeping one’s cool in tense situations and to excel in this field in the long run. Find out what it truly takes to leave your customers feeling satisfied.

Business Meeting

How do I Analyse
Customer Behaviour?

You probably know your close friends and family by the back of your hand. You might have a rough gauge of what they’re thinking and what their next move might be. In such a situation, it would be easy for you to understand their behaviour. 
But it might not be the same case when it comes to your customers. Wouldn’t you love to be able to be able to do the same? 
Look no further, we have you covered. 

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Is there Inclusion in Singapore?

Inclusion is a word that is often surfaces in our daily lives but have you ever wondered what exactly it entails?
We understand that championing for inclusion can be a task that feels quite ambiguous. Fret not! Hear from our resident inclusivity advocate on what you can do.

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